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Memories of a Fairy ~English~

This Tutorial was written by me. The Copyright of this Tutorial lies exclusively on me
Similarities with other Tutorials are not intended by me.

I write it with PSPXI but it works with o
ther versions, too.

Supplies you need:

1 Tube of choice and 1 Picture of choice
The FTU Scrap Kit "Believe in Fairy" from Creation by Sanie,

You can get it here.
The Mask "gemsmask34" from Gems here
I used the Art of Rachel Anderson, my Picture is the Preview from my Tube, You must purchase a Licence to use his Art. You can do this here.
Additional you need the Filter
Xero - Nostalgia and Xero - Porcelain

Okay, Lets Start!

Open the Mask "gemsmask34" in your PSP and minimize
Open a New Layer 600x600 and fill it with white
Layer - New Layer - Select All

Open the Paper "cs_believeinfairy_paper11"
Copy and Paste into Selection
Selection None

Layer - New Masklayer - from Picture
Search the Mask "gemsmask34"
Merge Group
Duplicate the Mask Layer
Layer - Merge down
Dropshadow of choice

Stay on the Masklayer
Open "cs_believeinfairy_element42"
Copy and Paste it als New Layer
Image - Rotate - Free - Right 20,00
Arrange it on the Right Side
(see my Image)
Dropshadow of choice
Image - Duplicate - Image Flip
Merge Down
Image -Duplicate - Image - Flip

Open "cs_believeinfairy_element37"
Copy and Paste it als New Layer
Image - Rotate Free - Right 90,00
Resize to 80%
Arrange it on the Frame
(see my Image)

Activate the Magic Wand and click in the Middle of your Frame
Selection - Modify - Expand 5 Pixel
Layer - New Layer
Open your Picture (here my Preview from the Tube)
Copy and Paste on the New Layer into Selection
Selection None
Arrange the Picture under the Frame Layer

Colorize your Tube into Black/ White
Effect - Xero Nostalgia
Saturation 65
Balance 80
Flourescene 56
Grain 5
Mono Contrast 7
Colour Contrast 10

Effect - Xero Porcelain - Standard
Activate the Frame Layer
Merge Down
Dropshadow of choice

Open your Tube - Copy and Paste as New Layer
Resize and Arrange it how you like.
Dropshadow of choice

Open "cs_believeinfairy_element54"
Copy and Paste as New layer
Image - Mirror
Image - Flip
Arrange it on the left side of the Frame
(see my Image)
Dropshadow of choice

Open "cs_believeinfairy_element3"
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Image - Resize 25%
Arrange it on the Flower Deco
(see my Image)
Dropshadow of choice

If you need you can add any Embellishments and write a Text or Name on your Tag.
Add your Watermark and Copyright
Merge - All

I hope you the Tutorial exactly the same for much fun made like me.

© written by Lysira
05. August 2010

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