Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Simply Beauty ~English~

This Tutorial was written by me.
The Copyright of this Tutorial lies exclusively on me,
Similarities with other Tutorials are not intended by me.

I write it with PSPXI but it works with other versions, too.

Supplies you need:

1 Tube and CloseUp of Choice
The PTU Scrap Kit "Charlotte" from Creation by Sanie,
you can get it here or a Kit of Choice.
The Mask "gemsmasks-228" from Gems
I used the Artwork of Ismael Rac, You must purchase a License to use his Art. 

XeracX Store 

Okay! Lets St

Open the Mask "gemsmasks-228" and your Tube / CloseUp in your PSP, minimize.
Open a New Layer 700x700 Transparent.
Layer - New Layer -Select All

Open "RZ-Charlotte-p01"
Copy and Paste into your Selection - Selection None

Layer - New Masklayer - from Picture
search Mask "gemsmasks-228"
Merge Group
Duplicate the Mask Layer, Merge Down
Dropshadow of Choice

Open "RZ-Charlotte-sparkle01"
Copy and paste as New Layer
Arrange it a little Bit to the bottom right
Duplicate - Image Mirror
Merge Down
Dropshadow of Choice
Duplicate - Image Flip

Open "RZ-Charlotte-frame02"
Copy and paste as New Layer
Image - Resize 75%
Activate your Magic Wand and klick in the Middle of the Frame
Selection Modify - Expand 10 Pixel
Open "RZ-Charlotte-p05"
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Selection - Invert - Delete the Rest from the Paper
Selection Hold
Arrange the Paper Layer under the Frame Layer

 Activate your CloseUp Tube
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Arrange a Part from your Tube in the Frame
If its on the Right Place Delete the rest from your Tube
Selection None

Style the Layer how you like.
I Colourize The Close Up into Black/White
And set the Opacity to 70%

Go to your Frame Layer
Hide the Background- Mask- Sparkle- and Copy of Sparkle Layer
Merge Visible
Dropshadow of Choice
Turn on Visibility the Hide Layers

Now you can add any Embellishments of Choice
I used:
"RZ-Charlotte-rose05 "

Open your Main Tube
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Arrange it how you like
Duplicate your Tube

On your Original Tube Layer
Adjust - Graussian Blur - 3,00
Set the Blend Mode on your Copy Tube Layer to Hard Light
Dropshadow of Choice

 Add your Watermark and the Copyright.
Merge Visible!
I Hope you have Fun to making this Tag!

Hugs Lysira